Malta - the most important tech-hub in Europe
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What is siliconmalta?

The siliconmalta project, was established at the beginning of 2015, and is a joint venture between Travis Laurendine from New Orleans and two brothers Oliver and Sascha La Rosa, who are the owners of a Global IT company with its headquarters in Malta. The main aim of the initiative is to bring developers to Malta from all over the world – raising the knowledge of the country’s culture and history and making Malta the most important tech-hub in Europe.

tech-hub in europe - founders


Travis Laurendine is a serial entrepreneur, entertainment producer, Hackathon organiser and White House Champion of Change.


Our mission

Attracting coders from all over the world and providing them with the expert guidance they deserve, it is designed as a development network for students, talented developers and those individuals with a love for IT who just want to learn more about this ever growing and evolving industry.


The aim is to turn their great ideas into even better realities by offering support and guidance in all the areas needed to produce something new and exciting, all in a professional learning and working environment.


Our vision

Our goal is to become the most important tech-hub in Europe. This will give us the chance to promote not only our services and devotion towards talent management but also to promote Malta as a unique travel and investment region within the EU that has a diverse culture and history.


Malta not only has a rich and varied heritage, but following the Valetta Summit and the CHOGM, it has confirmed its ability to be an excellent host to the rest of the world. Valetta will be announced as the European Capital of Culture in 2018 and being an exciting tech-hub with the highest goals and newest technologies, we are going to make Malta the technology capital of Europe.


siliconmalta was present at the Web Summit in Ireland in November 2015 with the Feelings app, our first project to be presented to the world, and will also be featured at the Collision Conference, New Orleans in April 2016.