Game localisation service - siliconmalta
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Game localisation service

siliconmalta provides game translation and localization service for a wide variety of genres and formats. We translate video game scripts, localize game UI and provide multilingual voice acting services in all main European languages, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. We also test localized games in a complete range of platforms whether mobile, online or console-based. Our services offer some of the best value in the game localization industry.

Game Translation & Localization

siliconmalta provides a wide range of game translation & localization services in various languages. We localize games for every platform, building a customised approach to game localization that ensures an efficient global playing field in any language.

Multilingual game testing

Quality assurance is a critical component in multilingual game publishing. siliconmalta provides game testing services from experienced, multiplatform game testers for linguistic context, functionality and overall localized game quality.

Multimedia localization services

siliconmalta's multimedia localization services cover a wide range of formats. Voiceover, lip-sync and subtitling as well as Flash integration can be offered à-la-carte or in combination with our localization services to provide a seamless solution.

Corporate Translation Services

We deliver a comprehensive support for the global communication needs of game developers, including translation of marketing, training and legal content. We provide complete translation and desktop publishing services, as well as web localization.