siliconmalta projects - Feelings as Corporate Package
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Feelings – Corporate Version

About This Project

A corporate version of Feelings is being developed to enable businesses to monitor their employees “feelings” and improve on their productivity.


As a business owner, do you know how your employees feel?

If a workforce is unhappy they are less productive. So, wouldn’t it be better if you knew there was an issue, so you could try to fix it?


Can disengaged employees hurt your company’s bottom line? Yes – and the proof is in the numbers.


While it’s a no-brainer that employee workplace happiness can impact everything from your company culture to overall productivity, many still don’t realise exactly how much unhappy employees can impact on every aspect of your business.


Based on research, engaged, happy employees in a corporate perform the following way


  • 31% higher production rates
  • 37% higher sales
  • 3 times higher creativity
  • Perform 20% better than their disengaged counterparts
  • Produce 19.2% improvement in operating income
  • 87% are less likely to leave their job


“Feelings Corporate” is a company specific (made to each companies requirements) product.

It lets your employees anonymously post their “feelings” using pictures and texts. All you will know, as an employer, is which department those feelings are coming from – ie: sales, marketing, production, and manufacturing. So then you can try to combat any bad feelings and capitalise on your workforces capabilities.


It is also important to frequently recognise employees for their accomplishments as 69% of them state that if their work is appreciated, they do a much better job.


Giving your employees a ‘voice’ without any consequences could be the turning point your company needs!