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Feelings – The Anonymous Social Network

About This Project

What is Feelings?

It’s an entirely anonymous social media app!


Feelings is a place where you can express how you feel at any moment in time using both pictures and text, whilst remaining entirely anonymous. You can post both positive and negative feelings and get responses to them from other members.


More than just an anonymous social media…

Feelings can be the first step in reaching out, for those among us who are struggling on a day to day basis. It can be the push you need to start on the road to recovery or to actually ask for help! It’s also a way to see that there are other people who are just as vulnerable as you and that you’re not abnormal. Getting praise and encouragement from an unknown source is a great way to boost confidence and make you feel better about things.


The Feelings Graph

The graph shows an evaluation of all the feelings being posted by our users at any one given time.


The generated graph shows us how our users are feeling. If a world event takes place it will show the effect it has on Feelings’ members. In the future we want to show geographical information as well, which will reflect the different feelings people have around the globe.


More info about the app can be found at the Feelings app page; or on our Facebook